We are a small business that was born in 2017. At first it was only four of us. Today, the team is made up by ten hard working members. We are a multidisciplinary team joined by the common task of taking people closer to the art world.

We share the idea that painting does not have to be something cold, distant and pretentious, but a natural and happy part of everyone’s life.

profesora 1 drink and paint

Mariana – Plastic Artist. Drink And Paint Mexico’s first teacher. She studied Visual Communication at CENTRO University. Authoritah of the children’s book “Navegante Submarino”. In 2016 she participated with her work in New York Agora Gallery’s exhibition “Masters of Imagination”. More Info. >>

profesora 5 drink and paint

Andrea – Industrial Designer. Drink And Paint Mexico’s teacher since 2018. She worked as contemporary artist Peñalta’s assistant. She works as an illustration, kinder garden teacher and branding and kid’s toys designer.  More Info. >>

profesora 3 drink and paint

Meli – Graphic Designer. Drink And Paint Mexico’s teacher since 2019. She studied at Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City. She works in the international Hootbook Magazine. Since 2015 she has been working as an independentent designer, illustrator and photographer.  More Info. >>

profesora 4 drink and paint

Isabel – Visual Artist. Drink And Paint Mexico’s teacher since 2019. She studied in London, England. She worked as Director’s Assistant of the Centro Cultural Escondido and earlier as G. Rode’s (artist and photographer) assistant. She is an expert with the camera. More Info. >>

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Elena – Admin. and Manager. BA in Philosophy and Master’s degree in Art History. She has worked in the educative, administrative and museological areas of the Centro Cultural Escondido, the Siqueiro’s Public Art Room, San Pablo’s Former Convent’s Museum and Eme Espacio de Arte Gallery.

profesora 2 drink and paint

Sofia – Illustrator. Drink And Paint Mexico’s teacher since 2019. She studied Engineering in Creativity and Design in the Universidad Panamericana. She has given lettering and watercolor workshops in different venues all along Mexico City. Nowadays she works as an independent illustrator. More Info. >>


Our DRINK AND PAINT sessions consist on a two hour (aprox.) class in which every participant gets to paint a whole canvas with the guide of a teacher while he or she enjoys a glass of wine or beer.


No previous experience in art or painting is needed. Our teachers will guide you step by step so that at the end of the session  you can take a signed and finished art piece home just like a real artist would do.

Experiencia de pintura y vino en la Ciudad de México


We have two main goals. First we want to show up as a fun and different alternative compared with traditional team-building activities. Second, we seek to turn people into art lovers. Our goal is to teach people about the enormous effort that exists behind every artistic production.

Experiencia de pintura y vino en la Ciudad de México


Our story is simple and personal.


DRINKANDPAINT.MX started as one of the weekend activities that the Centro Cultural Escondido offered to all those who wanted to practice an artistic activity but who did not have the time to do it.


Just like it, DRINKANDPAINT.MX was born with the intention to take artistic and recreational activities to some the zones of Mexico City which have a small cultural offer. Always with the idea that anyone can practice a manual or artistic activity no matter the professional education they’ve had or the life path they’ve chosen.

Experiencia de pintura y vino en la Ciudad de México